My First Two and My Adorable 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hi Readers,

After taip, terus membaca. after membaca terlena sampai pagi. Bangun sarapan bertemankan Runningman. after that buka slide Cognitive psychology or Introduction of science cognitive. baca 10 minit dah penat, nampak katil tidur balik.. Well Dasar Pelajar Berjaya. haha Assignment plus exam final for my first semester for my Bachelor Of counselling in organization In Unimas, Terlampau sibuk sampai lupa bahawa dah masuk tahun 2014. Even no one text me for happy new year. 
  Oleh sebab itu, saya tak sambut kat mana mana tempat untuk new year tahun ini. Almaklum far away dari keluarga then no boyfie, so more focus in study and friends. Lepaking in 24 hours study room at my college, sebabnya internet laju plus takut tertidur lama kalau stay dalam bilik. hihi sooo..
2014 : Theme vintage and adorable

  Goodbye 2013!
  one year feel like a thousand year. gain a lot experience. a lot of thing make me more matured. become more independence. and I start to appreciate what I have and my beloved people. Alhamdullillah, I'm Happy how I am. Goodbye my teen.. always keep in my Long term memory.

  Hello 2014!
  20 years old. Hello number two. I wish to be more cherish with my beloved family and friends. lot of bless. Get hard for my dream and my inspire. become more positive and rational person. Be a great counselor. Insyaallah. and the real thing is I don't even decide what is my "azam" for this year. haha Become a great woman maybe? Ameen.

Hold this year tight. Go fighting for my long long journey.

Take care guys!
Till then, Terima kasih baca.


saedLouis said...

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Tcca Anuar said...


: Yeah! I will. Followed

nurul iman said...

bachelor of counselling. macam bes :)